Sunday, March 21, 2010

Races and Info

Hi everyone,
Lesa here and wanted to put out there a 10K on 7/4/10 it is the
I hope to sign up for this I know some others are interested also. It looks like fun and what a weekend to celebrate!

This week if anyone is interested I hope to make these classes/times:
Spin Class at the Y: 3/22 Mon at 9;15am
YPump (muscle conditioning) at the Y: 3/24 Wed 10:30am
Lap Swim @ Y: 3/24 Wed 6:15-8:30pm (2lanes) 8:30-9:20pm (4lanes) * I try to get there @ 7:45-8pm
Running from my house Saturday 3/27, 6-6:30am weather permitting (if bad weather @ the Y)

See you out there!

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  1. Lesa: Thanks for info and posting. I have signed my company (Akibia) up for the corporate challenge part of the race, so I'll be participating on July 4th, as well! Donna