Friday, July 30, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Pictures say 1,000 words so here goes!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Open Water Swims

I've witnessed/accompanied many of you for your open water swims, and have heard of others doing 2 mile swims in the Resevoir.  Yay!  Here are our last "group" pictures for the season - the next ones I post will be from Race Weekend.

Lesa and Donna @ Lake Winthrop

Lesa and Cathy @ Lake Winthrop - it was raining - no thunder - we had the place to ourselves and thus, no one to take a picture of the 3 of us...

We shared the lake with the ducks and geese and fish and turtles - encouraging each other along the way. 

Saturday, July 24th -  Carpooling from Horace Mann Middle School, Franklin at 11 a.m. to Bartlett Jr.Sr. High School, Webster, MA. (I need to keep this somewhat flexible  - to coordinate with my son's b-day plans - but will let you know when time is confirmed).  The benefit of trying to go together on registration day is to coordinate carpooling on race day.  We don't want ANY surprises!  We can figure out who has capacity for multiple bikes, etc.  Group lunch at Waterfront Mary's @ 2:00 p.m.

Sunday, July 25th - Carpooling from Horace Mann Middle School, Franklin at 5 a.m. SHARP! to 70 Thompson Road, Webster, MA  (Bring map or load GPS)  (see directions on right of this blog)

Sunday, July 25th - 3 p.m. - After Race Pot Luck Party/BBQ - Jacobites' Residence at 10 Riverside Drive, Franklin.  Go home and nap FIRST, then bring the family, a few drinks, a dish to share, camp chairs and enjoy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Random Thoughts on Race Advice

Here are some highlights to be thinking about in the next week or so:

Suncreen - put it on after being body-marked (end of your bike row)
Bike Dismounting - follow volunteers instructions and signs
Bike in transition area by 6:45 a.m.
Non-racers not allowed in transition area - tell your spectators to be respectful of other races
Plugs for end of bike handles - if this plug is missing - you may not be able to race - check your handlebars!  (Mine were missing at the Cranberry trifest and I was given two more, but I didn't even know it.)
Don't forget your bike helmet.  Don't forget to take off your bike helmet before you run.
Taper your exercise from Monday, July 19th onward - do 60% of your workouts.
Carbo load (dinner) on Friday the 23rd; not the 24th
Carbo load all week, REST, and shop for what you need race weekend
Don't eat anything new at the Expo
Try GU now if you want to use it race day
Hydrate and have bananas all week but especially leading up to race start - this will avoid cramps.  Urine should be light-colored - sports drinks will replace electrolytes.  (Drink a large bottle of gatorade the morning of the race.)
Carry all supplies in backpack on race day - we will bike 1 mile to starting line
Stay away from fiber and dairy on the 24th and 25th - no big salads.  Increase your carbs; decrease protein and fat
Eat 2-3 hours before race begins (bagel w/peanut butter, banana and gatorade)
Leave food in your car for POST race ride home.  Last year, more than one of us couldn't be sustained on the granola/yogurt and chips at the finish line!  Some of us started to get dizzy.  This is NOT the time to diet.

If anyone wants to watch real transitions at a race and have a discussion, I can meet you at Lake Pearl in Wrentham on Sunday, July 18, 2010 at 8 a.m.  (Call my cell to confirm:  774-571-2408)

Personally, I am seriously tapering.  Although I'm doing just the swim portion of a relay, I plan to take exercise very lightly this week.  It will be a FULL weekend next week, and Elaine assures us that over-training this week will only hurt our performance on race day.  (OK to run OR bike OR swim about 50% of a normal workout on Saturday.   REST on Friday the 23rd!)

Watch future posts for caravaning/carpooling instructions leaving Franklin on both Saturday and Sunday, July 24th and 25th!  (I'll also post recent swim pix at Lake Winthrop, in the rain, with me, Cathy and Lesa)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Yay to Training and Support!

I heard from Michelle that she was able to make it up all 3 of the hills in Webster, MA today after practicing using her gears yesterday.  (We also raised her seat about 4 inches!)  I'm sure Lee was right by her side, and I trust Margaret also had a productive ride in Webster today, too.

I also heard from Diane who (despite her recent surgery) will be in Webster to cheer us on!  This is what it is all about - when you get tired or unmotivated, or forget your goals and ask "why am I doing this?" you can be lifted up by other women!

Note:  Please read Elaine's recent email on swimming and get to an Open Water Swim event in the next 2 weeks.  Read below for details on my last scheduled OWS before race day.

Happy Training,


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday Night Group Swim and Saturday Morning Brick Workout Success!

Saturday, July 10th, Lee and Michelle (Team Perserverance!) and I went on a 10 mile loop to the Big Apple and back.  We adjusted our seat heights, practiced shifting gears and talked about strategy for getting over the hills.  Returning to the track, we quickly dismounted and ran the track - preparing our legs for the run portion of the triathlon.  (Everyone must practice the "brick" workout before the tri - even if you run 1/4 mile after dismounting, it will get your mind used to the heavy feeling in your quads.)

Lee, Michelle, Donna, Tracy, Caryn and Lisa

Sooooooo much better practicing starts and eixts with 6 swimmers!  We practiced buoy turns, exiting the water using 2 different strategies, entering using 2 different strategies, sighting, swimming among the fish/weeds, etc.  A fun time on a muggy Friday night!

Next Group Workouts: :  All Invited

Monday, July 12th - 6:00 p.m. Walden Pond, Concord, MA
Wednesday, July 14th, 7:00 p.m. Lake Winthrop, Holliston, MA
Thursday, July 15th, Elaine's Webinar, "Getting Ready for Race Day" 7:30-8:30 p.m. (See calendar of events or previous post dated June 30th)
Saturday, July 24th, TBD. caravan departure from Horace Mann Parking Lot to Bartlett Jr/Sr HS in Webster, MA for registration (See directions on links to right of this blog) Potential plan to grab lunch at Waterfront Mary's.....
Sunday, July 25th, caravan departure, 5 a.m. from Horace Mann Parking Lot to Memorial Beach, Webster, MA
Sunday, July 25th, 3 p.m. PARTY! (Bring the family)   (Location TBD - am looking for volunteers - anyone still have green grass in their backyard?)

Update on Cancellation: Donna is not traveling to Webster on July 11th

I had previously posted that we would do a group workout of the Bike Course in Webster, but Michelle G was the only interested person (and she still plans to ride with friends this morning in Webster, MA)

Given the great workouts on Friday night and Saturday morning, I am resting today, Sunday, July 11th.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Race Weekend Info - From SheROX Website

New location in 2010

Bartlett Junior Senior High School
52 Lake Parkway
Webster, MA 01570
10 AM - 4 PM

Sunday, July 25, 2010 - Race Day
5:00 AM Transition area opens
7:00 AM Race begins
8:30 - 11:00 AM Post-race celebration, finish area

Sunday, July 11th Bike Course Ride in Webster @ 9 a.m.

Caitlin, Lesa, Donna, Lee and Michelle (All SheROX 2010 Triathletes-to-be) at the Harvard Pilgrim 10K on July 4, 2010

Friday Night, July 9th, 7 p.m. OWS - Lake Winthrop - It's On!
Saturday Morning, July 10th, 7 a.m. Group Ride and Run- Horace Mann - It's On!
Sunday Morning, July 11th, 9 a.m., Bike Ride in Webster, MA @ 9 a.m. - It's On!

(If you're concerned about weather, please call Donna's cell at 774-571-2408)

We'll plan to leave Horace Mann Parking Lot at 8 a.m. on Sunday for the 9 a.m. ride.  Will plan to meet Margaret there and I will give the Bowling Alley owner (parking across the street from the lake) a call to let him know we are coming.  (Otherwise, parking is $20 per day)

SheROX BIke Map

Please read and get maps for directions from the SheROX registration site (link is on the right of this blog.)

Please try to let me know if you plan to join in on Sunday, as I don't want to leave anyone behind.

Happy Training!


Caitlin, Cathy, Don, Linda, Lesa, Donna

Laura, Jennifer and Margaret
Michelle and Lee getting in the spirit of July 4th with friends at the HP 10K!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TONIGHT, July 7th OWS @ 7 p.m. - Lake Winthrop!

Hope to see you there for some:
  • Sighting practice
  • Group swimming
  • Swimming beyond the "ropes"
  • Starts and exiting the water
  • Discussion on "panic stroke"
  • Practice swimming with the fish
Click here for directions to Lake Winthrop, Holliston, MA

Here's my "kick in the butt" comment:  Even my husband gets concerned with my swimming in a lake, but I just tell him "It would be dangerous if I DIDN'T practice for the race!!!!"

(So far, we are two-for-two with success in parking and not having to pay the daily fee of $20.  However, I can't be responsible for any problems with parking, so carpool if you can.)

Same plan for Friday, July 9th at 7 p.m.